L’air Nouveau De Paris (Proposal)

Paris, France

Architecture Style: Futuristic Egg-Shaped Towers
Constructor: Planning Korea
Years of Construction N/A

Taking cue from Vincent Callebaut’s mind-boggling “Smart City” design, Planning Korea, a Seoul-based architectural firm, has undertaken the task of transforming Paris into a breathtakingly modern and sustainable city of the future. The plan, known as L’air Nouveau de Paris (meaning “New Paris air”), proposes the installation of gigantic egg-shaped metallic structures, over a total area of 41,882-sq-ft (approx. 3,891-sq-m). Intended for construction at the Ternes-Villiers region, in the city’s 17th Arrondissement, the towers will likely comprise of a combination of residential, commercial and office spaces.

The plan has been developed as part of Paris City Hall’s efforts to substantially lower the capital’s net greenhouse gas emissions by the year, 2050. According to the architects, the proposal includes the construction of a large complex, containing several, egg-shaped metallic spheres. Soaring up the sky, these partially-oval structures are supported by means of long, narrow stems. Although lacking in feasibility, the L’air Nouveau de Paris envisions a neatly-planned future, with impressive eco-friendly qualities.

The complex will feature an intricate network of hotels, residential, business and commercial units. Each of the buildings can be accessed by means of a series of covered pathways and bridges. In its recent press release, Planning Korea highlighted the design’s sustainable and energy-saving credentials. Unfortunately, further details about the project are currently unavailable.